In January 2017, a new star will born in the medias galaxy : Vidéo Star, a different TV that gives you the floor.

Michel is releasing this week a website totally dedicated to video clips, interrupted by interview, artists reportages, interviews of famous company or brand new one.

Michel François wanted to offer to everyone the possibility to diffuse professional or private videos. Video clips of quality for a worldwide broadcast through internet, an essential tool nowadays.

Subscribing you will be able to upload your videos on the website by yourself. You just have to give your email to receive a password that will allow you to access a dashboard that you can personalized as you want. Thus you will promote yourself letting your business card.

This website, Michel wanted to share it with you in addition to his web radio : RADIO SOLEIL CROONER.

The advertisements, banners, videos will be allowed paying a little amount of €49,98 VAT. A low cost for all your life TO COVER THE OPERATING EXPENSES OF THE WEBSITE.

Payment by bank transfert on the association account :

Michel François Productions

e-mail :


For that price, you will be able to add as much as pictures, videos, interviews, texts you want. You could also introduce yourself with a video for people follow your current events on in real time.

I welcome you on VIDÉO STAR.

Michel François and his whole team in order to serve you better.